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Summer 1992

Norway: Lesbian and Gay Partnership

Lesbians and gays in Norway will soon be allowed to marry if, as seems likely, a bill is adopted in parliament in the autumn. The government-sponsored bill will bring Norwegian family law in line with that in Denmark which introduced a partnership law for lesbian and gay couples in 1989. However, as in Denmark, they will not be allowed to marry in church, nor will they have the right to adopt children.

The Norwegian humanist organisation, Human-Etisk Forbund, has welcomed the government’s initiative in proposing the bill. Kari Vigeland, Secretary-General of the 40,000-strong organisation, said: “It is of vital importance to gays and lesbians that they can live together openly and in commitment to each other. This legislation is in accordance with the humanist programme in Norway, as well as internationally. Humanism aims to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

Predictably, the opposition Christian Democratic Party in Norway has promised to fight the bill. Its spokesperson MP, Swein Alsaker, reiterated his party’s policy of Christian ‘love’ and the rejection of gay rights.

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