Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Autumn 1994 Issue

News and Views CommentGeorge Broadhead on unorthodox priests, Edwina Currie MP, and Tom Robinson.
GALHA Lobbies Amnesty – over the plight over lesbians and gay men in Iran.
GALHA at the Seaside – a report on the 1994 weekend gathering at Southsea.
Lesbian and Gay Swedes slam Church HomophobiaLars Torstensson reports from Göteborg.
GALHA Supports OutRage! over Islamic homophobia.
World Watch – news from Tasmania, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, United States, and Japan.
Obituary Obituaries for Linus Pauling and John Curry.
Features Born of MaryGeorge Broadhead looks back at GALHA’s first ten years.
Defiance with Freedom in MindPeter Tatchell describes the reduction of the age of consent for gay men to 18 as a shabby compromise, draws a parallel between the current campaign for lesbian and gay rights in the UK and the US black civil rights movement, and argues forcefully for civil disobedience.
Letter from AmericaSukie de la Croix considers some unusual patron saints.
Video Jonathan Sanders reviews Queen Kelly and Faust.
Books Jim Herrick reviews A Queer Reader, edited by Patrick Higgins.
George Broadhead reviews Nudes, Prudes and Attitudes: Pornography and Censorship, by Avedon Carol.
Postbag Jesus; the origins of prejudice; a poem called Tableau; and Muslim fundamentalism.
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