Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Spring 1997 Issue

News and Views Political God-botherers – the religious beliefs of some leading politicians.
Bournemouth weekend – plans for GALHA’s 1997 weekend gathering.
Amnesty International ReportBreaking the Silence.
IHEU appointment – a new Executive Director for the International Humanist and Ethical Union.
GALHA E-Mail Register – a new electronic equivalent of GALHA’s contact/hospitality list.
LSG anniversaryPeter Danning reports on the 20th birthday of Ligo De Samseksamaj Geesperantistoj.
World Watch – news from United States, Portugal, Iceland, and Israel.
Obituary Obituary for Rodger Alder.
Web Watch Brett Humphreys looks at the Alan Turing Website.
Features Porn, Politics and PartyingTed McFadyen comments on Diesel Balaam’s Two Cheers for the Anti-Gay Gay Movement and Neal Cavalier-Smith’s Arresting Developments in the previous issue.
Discovering HumanismDavid, a gay Ugandan, recounts his personal path from Christianity to Humanism.
Science, ‘Gay Genes’, and the ‘Third Sex’Udo Schüklenk sets out the case against etiological research on sexual orientation.
We’re Still WaitingAllen Windsor reflects on this year’s Oscars.
The Best Drag Show of the YearSukie de la Croix gives his views on leather and S&M.
CD Jonathan Sanders reviews Hyperion’s recent edition of Camille Saint-Saëns’ songs.
Video George Broadhead reviews The Sum Of Us, directed by Kevin Dowling and Geoff Burton.
Leni Miller reviews Costa Brava, written and directed by Marta Balletbò-Coll.
Books Diesel Balaam reviews Assertively Gay, by Terry Sanderson.
Antony Grey reviews Heterosexual Dictatorship, by Patrick Higgins.
Christina Lamb reviews How to Defend Yourself in Court, by Michael Randle.
Postbag An accolade for G&LH and Boyfriends; a plea from Yugoslavia; and a correction to World Watch.
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