Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Summer 1997

British Secularism on the Web

by Brett Humphreys

With religious groups of all stripes from the Vatican to the latest suicide cult gaining publicity for their activities on the World Wide Web, it’s good to see GALHA being followed recently by a number of kindred organisations in establishing a presence on the Web.

The British Humanist Association’s new website summarises the BHA’s aims and objects and the principles of humanism. It includes information on the BHA’s humanist ceremonies and its work in the field of education, as well as supplying links to other relevant Web resources in the United States and elsewhere. The Freethinker’s site provides an online selection of articles from the latest issue of the magazine. At the time of writing, the National Secular Society’s site is not yet fully set up but is “under serious construction” and may be expected to appear soon.

Meanwhile, Eric Stockton regularly continues to produce Atheist Thought (see Postbag, G&LH, Autumn 1996), his mid-monthly short essay on a topical subject from an atheist viewpoint, providing an antidote to the BBC’s Thought for the Day which still bars non-religious contributors. All editions of Atheist Thought, from the first one in April 1996, are kept available online for viewing.

For some other UK sites of humanist interest, try the Web version of Eric Stockton’s monthly magazine Lady Godiva, Steven Carr’s Atheist Website, or Adrian Barnett’s Wasteland of Wonders.

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