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Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Summer 2001 Issue

News and Views What’s in it for us? ask gay humanists after New Labour’s new victory.
GALHA vice-presidents retain seats.
Peers’ ad “misleading” says watchdog.
Turing statue’s place in Gay Village.
Gays responsible for foot-and-mouth, says priest.
GALHA weekend: Manchester update.
Join the e-club, GALHA urges.
World WatchGeorge Broadhead reviews the report Equality for Lesbians and Gay Men: A Relevant Issue in the EU Accession Process published recently by ILGA-Europe.
World Watch ExtraTerry Sanderson finds some things are bigger and better in Norway.
Web Watch Equality and BeyondBrett Humphreys looks at the state of progress towards lesbian and gay equality around the world.
Features It’s My StoryThomas Downey recounts his experiences at the hands of the Christian Brothers.
Hickey who was no Hick – Francis Wheen’s entertaining biography of Tom Driberg is now in paperback. With the aid of Wheen’s book, Ted McFadyen, who worked with Driberg, looks back on a remarkable man.
Back from Damascus: From Would-Be Nun to AtheistBarbara Smoker launches a new series in which readers discuss their escape from religion.
Gossip from Across the PondWarren Allen Smith brings us the latest stateside gossip.
Airings Dream Team with Steven Dean.
CD Jim Herrick reviews the opera The Handmaid’s Tale by Poul Ruders; and Liszt Piano Recital performed by Leif ove Andsnes.
Books George Broadhead reviews Who’s Who in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian History, edited by Robert Aldrich and Garry Wotherspoon.
Jim Herrick reviews England: the Making of the Myth from Stonehenge to Albert Square, by Maureen Duffy.
Dan O’Hara reviews The Catholic Church – A Short History, by Hans Küng.
J. Martin Stafford reviews Free Thoughts on Religion, the Church and National Happiness, by Bernard Mandeville, edited by Irwin Primer.
Postbag Capital punishment; calling World War II veterans; and praise for the new-look G&LH.
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