The Pink Triangle Trust

News Release – 30 November 2000


The gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) has issued a new brochure about its secular ceremony of love and commitment for lesbian and gay couples.

The PTT “affirmation” ceremony has been available for over ten years as the secular Humanist alternative to a Christian “blessing” and experienced Humanist celebrants can conduct it in most parts of the country from Aberdeen in the north to the Channel Islands in the south.

Not surprisingly, given the continuous hostility to gay relationships and gay rights from religious sources, the ceremony is becoming increasingly popular, with hundreds of enquiries about it coming in each year.

The ceremony has been featured on Channel 4 and BBC television programmes including BBC 2’s Gaytime TV in which twelve couples made pledges of their love and commitment. The couples are pictured with the PTT celebrant on the front of the new brochure. The ceremony was also featured in The Wedding – an exhibition which toured museums and art galleries in England and Scotland, and it is described in the Which? Guide to Getting Married.

The photos in the brochure indicate the variety of locations chosen for the ceremony and range from the Grand Hotel in Brighton and the gay-run Philbeach Hotel in London to the couples’ homes in various parts of the country. Other locations have included canal narrowboats, river launches, the lido at a London park and even a mountain top!

The brochure can be obtained from:

PTT Ceremonies Coordinator,
34 Spring Lane, Kenilworth CV8 2HB.
Telephone: 01926 858 450.

Further information from George Broadhead, PTT Secretary, on 01926 858 450.
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