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News Release – 6 September 2012

Latest issue of The Pink Humanist

Kenilworth, 6 September 2012 — A fascinating account of the role played in the formation of the UK Royal Society by gay men of learning in the 17th century is one of the articles published in the latest issue of The Pink Humanist magazine.

Originally entitled Gay and Lesbian Humanist this was re-launched in a new online format a year ago.

Aimed at atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, humanists and sceptics – gay or straight – The Pink Humanist is the only publication of its kind worldwide.

The magazine’s mission is to bring a greater understanding of humanism to gay readers, and to alert humanists to the continuing threat religion poses to gay people in particular in many parts of the world.

The September issue has, for example, an article exposing the activities of evangelical Christians, mainly from the US, who are spreading their homophobic poison in many parts of the African continent, and also details the growing power of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is intensifying its campaign against gay rights in that country.

But not all the news in the latest issue is bad. Activists scored a notable success in launching a boycott of an American fast-food chain which spent millions funding hate groups that oppose gay marriage, and in France the Catholic Church suffered a serious setback when it was announced that French gays and lesbians are soon to be allowed to marry.

Read the latest issue online.

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