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The Pink Triangle Trust now has its own blog. It’s a forum provided by the Trust for the discussion and interchange of ideas concerning Humanism as it relates to gay and lesbian issues, and how gay and lesbian issues relate to Humanism.

But gay and lesbian issues and those concerning Humanism don’t exist in a bubble: they are part of the wider world. Hence, there will be scope for broad discussion on these and related issues. This blog will feature news of relevant issues, with or without comment from the author, and hopes to generate lively discussion in the comments area.

You can view the blog at You’ll find all the usual blogging elements there, and of course you can leave comments if you wish. So read it often, since it changes every day; leave comments; tell your friends, and anyone else who may be interested, about it; and contact us if you think there’s something we need to address. You can get its editor at

Enjoy the blog. We’ll see you there.

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