Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Summer 1993

Sweden: Opposition to Partnership Law

GALHA member Lars Torstensson reports from Stockholm that Christians in Sweden are vocal in their opposition to the proposed partnership law for lesbians and gays, similar to that already enacted in Denmark and Norway.

In a vote on the proposed new law in Parliament, the Christian Democratic Party persuaded the Liberals, who are in principle positive towards lesbian and gay rights, not to vote according to their conviction but to wait until an inquiry into the matter is completed.

Many church congregations, both State and Free Church, have started a campaign against the legislation which, they say, is contrary to biblical teachings.

The Free Church Council has declared that it is not in favour of discriminating against homosexuals, but that “a gay lifestyle can never be equivalent to a heterosexual marriage”.

A Christian group called ‘Save the Family’ has published a book attacking homosexuality. It has been written by an 80-year-old professor of psychiatry, who claims that homosexuality means emasculation (he doesn’t mention lesbians!) and a negative deviation.

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