Cover of Gay and Lesbian Humanist Spring 2002

Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Spring 2002 Issue

News and Views Editorial.
When that loving feeling could get you the sack.
Herrick scoops major award.
Prime Minister runs scared of religious right, claims GALHA.
Will we see the Osama bin Laden Academy?
Campus Alpha: the voice of one crying in the wilderness.
Blairs’ Egyptian holiday condemned by campaigners.
Street-fighting talk from BHA’s new chief.
Arrest of alleged hatemonger welcomed.
GALHA goes Greener.
Bakewell dared to speak the poem.
Briefly ... – a selection of snippets.
World Watch edited by George Broadhead – news from Egypt, Finland, Germany, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Pakistan.
Web Watch A Theory of Everything?Brett Humphreys visits Queer Theory, a catholic site in more ways than one.
Features View from the Global VillageDean Braithwaite puts Egypt in the dock.
Carey’s out! – but who’ll be in?George Broadhead’s ‘appreciation’ of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has announced that he will retire later this year.
Alphabet Soup: how words can mangle meaning – a critique of the Alpha course’s attitude to homosexuality based on an essay by John Rose.
It’s My Story – the final part of Matthew Thompson’s account of his experience of Roman Catholic education.
Gay Rights and Wrongs in Cuba – “Gay Cuba? Not yet!”, says Peter Tatchell.
Narcissus – a short story from Andrew Calimach’s book Lovers’ Legends: The Gay Greek Myths (reviewed in the previous issue).
Gods and IdolsDean Braithwaite on David Beckham and other objects of worship.
Gossip from Across the PondWarren Allen Smith names more names.
Airings Stephen Blake reviews recent television appearances by David Paisley (see cover picture), and a new DVD release of The Slaves of Jedikiah, the first story of the 1970s sci-fi television series The Tomorrow People.
Stephen Blake says “No, thanks!” to ITV’s Pop Idol.
Sport On the Game with Steven Dean.
CD In his final G&LH music review, Jim Herrick looks at Piano Quintets by Reynaldo Hahn and Louis Vierne; and Grand Motets, Volume 2, and Ballet Music for the Sun King, by Jean Baptiste Lully.
Liz Clare reviews Built Like That by Alix Olson.
Theatre Gordon Steff reviews the Royal National Theatre’s tour of Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen.
Books Allison Mosley reviews Around the Houses, by Amanda Boulter.
Stephen Blake reviews Three Queer Lives..., by Paul Bailey, Obsessions, by Joseph Mills and Savage Love: Straight Answers from a Queer Sex Columnist, by Dan Savage.
Andy Armitage reviews Sucking Feijoas, by Jeff Buchanan.
Postbag Thoughts on the US “war on terrorism”; the capital punishment debate finally gets the chop; feedback on Red Rags and Bull; and a plea from Israel.
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